All the cookies
I enjoy the old school treats and my cookies reflect my tastes. They are rustic in design. All minimum order of a dozen.
Just like my great aunt made, moon shaped with a drizzle of white chocolate and a few sprinks. $35 per dozen.
Heavily spiced and naturally come star-shaped. Finished with a little dark chocolate. $35 per dozen.
Peanut Butter and Choc Chip
Infamous. Salty. Sweet. Addictive. The one where people need to ration them out or they eat the whole batch. $35 per dozen.
Molasses Crackle
My personal favourite. Richly spiced and rolled in sugar for a little crunch. $35 per dozen.
Granny Slice
Is it a cookie? Eh, not really. It is delicious though! A slice from my grandmother which also happens to be my mother's favourite. Rich chocolate, coconut, weetbix combined with a little chocolate icing and sprinkled with a few "bits" for more colour and flavour. $35 per dozen.
Cookies please